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4 years ago

Watch, listen, and enjoy Universpodcast pod/blogcasts on your tablets and smartphones! We guarantee compatibility with new technology, here's a little tour on iPad and iPhone:
The Phonocasts podcast with episodes in m4a format:

Tap on the player and you can listen to the podcast with its images and links :

You can even import your Soundcloud tracks to your podcast*, which is a great idea because you can reference your podcast in iTunes (isn't that cool?) with the tracks that you want from your Soundcloud.  For example with the Chat House Podcast :

Have you adapted your color schemes the way you want them, like Dj Rork ?  The look is cool too!

Or maybe you'd rather change your theme like Jey Clinkston did?

Your favorite podcasts are also accessible on iPhone and Android!

You can even share podcasts on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks by tapping the share links!

*:Starting with a One Space 1 Gb subscription

Share your new podcast episodes using the "Twitter" button on your blogcasts and appear in the "Hot podcasts on Twitter" widget on the Universpodcast home page.

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