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6 years ago

Vince K’s “Deep and Soulful” Podcast.
Vince K is a freelance DJ in New York City . He has been spinning music for more than 27 years. He was inspired into the world of “Dance Music” by his MOM ,

who faithfully collected 12″ inch “Disco-Dance” singles , consequently beginning Vince K’s career in spinning Disco Classics , . . R & B , Hip-Hop , Reggae & Freestyle. His childhood neighbor & late friend , Ruben Torres taught him how to mix the music tactfully. As time progressed, Vince began spinning at neighborhood parks & community centers where he received numerous compliments for his selection in arranging the music.

Soon after, Vince began tuning in on Fridays & Saturdays for the “Late Night Dance Party” aired “LIVE” on radio stations like 92 WKTU, 98.7 Kiss FM , 107.5 WBLS , 103.5 FM & many more. Intrigued by “HOUSE MUSIC”, Vince K was inspired by legendary artists such as DJ’s David Morales, Tony Humphries, Frankie Knuckles, Shep Pettibone, Tee Scott & many others. Vince then began spinning more “HOUSE MUSIC”, as it is one of the genres where he continues to excel , consequently forming DJ Vince K’s “SOULFUL” yet passionate journey into music. He began purchasing much more of this genre of music from record stores like . . . . “Rock & Soul”, “Vinylmania”, “Music Factory”, “Dance Tracks”, “Satellite Records”, “Discorama”, “DJ Specialty” and many other stores across New York City.

In 1986, Vince K began working at various Dance Clubs throughout New York City, The Bronx & Queens . He landed his first DJ gig at a club called “Bently’s.” Other Dance Clubs followed, such as “The Tunnel”, “The Warehouse”, “NYC BOOMS”, “Club OHM”, “Spirit”, “Club Shelter”, “Escuelita”, “Hatfields”, “Mi Gente Cafe”, “Club Passion”, “Studio 84″, “Up & Down”, “Club Vanity”, “Club Rebel”, “The Ice Palace” & many more. As a result of spinning at these popular dance clubs, Vince began receiving un-released dance promos from various record labels all over the world. He also travels to Miami every year in March for the phenominal Winter Music Conference. Vince has performed remix projects for many legendary recording artists such as “MELBA MOORE”, “PEPPER MASHAY”, “TONY TERRY” & “DARRYL D’BONNEAU to name a few. He continues to stay abreast with music of the present as well as the past , . . . and he ALWAYS makes sure that it’s EXTREMELY “SOULFUL.”

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