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5 years ago

We promised novelties in 2012, here they are!

We are happy to present version V4d of Universpodcast.  Here is a list of the main novelties:

The site in general:

- A "Quick publishing" widget* allowing you to drag and drop a file directly on the home page, and uploading it automatically.  A huge time-saver! (Preferred browsers: Firefox, Chrome).
- New tabs: Latest published mixes, your friends' mixes*, your favorite mixes*, mixes being currently heard.
- All the mixes are brought forward and ready to hear with a click of the "play" button.
- We have included in the boxes a link toward your blog, a subscription link to your podcast in iTunes, and the possibility to bookmark the mixes of your favorite artists.
- A cloud of mix tags belonging to you, the Universpodcast users!
- Your profile pages have been updated, here is an example with Nick Morisson's profile.

In your account:

-Upload a mix with a simple click then "slide/drop" your medias to put them online, the traditional method of browsing your hard drive remains available.
- Draging/dropping an image automatically sets it as the cover, personalizing your mix's player.
- A new theme for your blog, entirely customizable  (widgets, backgrounds, columns, etc.): A professional business card for dj's!
- Medias are once again deleted when you delete an episode.
- You can now add "EPUB" medias.
- The new help bubbles are back.

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