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5 years ago

After several months of work, Universpodcast presents an update and a new look with the release of version V4C, as you might have noticed.

This new release brings the following improvements:

- A new look.
- A redesigned navigation that makes Universpodcast news stand out, features podcaster news (yours!), and offers a directory of all podcasts on Universpodcast.
- "Currently Listened", a brand-new widget on the home page, showing the podcast episodes currently being listened to.
- The "Most listened podcast" widget now ranks the most popular podcasts rather than episodes.
- Easier control over: your account settings profile editing, your podcast, and offer management from the home page (all this by hovering your mouse over your avatar on the left).
- The “Growl” message type information bubbles are back.
- Bookmarking as favorites your preferred episodes so that you can hear them whenever you want (more on this coming soon).

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