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5 years ago

Participate in the contest by spreading your own productions to sign your World distribution with the Titanium Digitals Music label!

Titanium Digitals is an American label, digital distributor of audio and video in digital format. Their network currently encompasses 90% of the worldwide digital market, with a selection of the most popular platforms such as iTunes, Juno, Amazon, Spotify, Beatport etc.

Universpodcast and Titanium Digitals are granting 2 licenses to be part of the label's catalog and see your productions distributed throughout the whole world by a professional.

How to participate?

- Publish one of your personal musical productions* in your podcast**, or create a podcast by signing up on Universpodcast.
- After creating an episode containing your production, copy the episode's link:

- and post it on the event's Facebook wall by clicking here:

- Promote it actively to get as many "Likes" as possible.
- 4 productions will be selected depending on the number of "Likes" AND the choice of the contest organizers (Titanium Digitals and Universpodcast).
- The 4 chosen productions will be posted on the podcast of Universpodcast podcasts and will again be subject to the same conditions so that only 2 remain!

Start of the first phase of the contest: right now until 03/21/2012 included.

*It is understood by "personal musical productions" songs made by you, bootlegs and mixes by DJs will not be part of this contest.
**NOTE: Only productions posted on a podcast created and hosted on Universpodcast are valid.

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