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6 years ago

Since version 4 of Universpodcast, editing and administration of your podcast is based off of the WordPress platform.

Not only are Universpodcast.com and your blogcasts compatible with the iPhone (which allows you not only to access the site's functionalities and listen to your podcast online) but now, WordPress's iPhone app lets you access your account to edit your tickets, episodes, or even your comments.

Click here to download the WordPress app for the iPhone.

Once downloaded and installed, here's how to configure access to your account:

1/ Start WordPress app and press "Add self-hosted WordPress blog". See how
2/ Enter your blogcast's url (http://yourblogcast.universpodcast.com), your username, and your password, then, in the top right, press "save". See how
3/ The next step is to select your blogcast (not the Universpodcast one, which won't be accessible!) and press "Add selected" in the bottom right. See how
4/ Your Universpodcast account has been added; now you can enjoy the app. See how

REMEMBER: The app lets you add photos and videos live or from your library. This option requires that we intervene and is currently under construction.

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